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Predictions 2024: Observability Edition

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We’re sitting squarely at the beginning of an AI hype cycle that will cause businesses to rethink their people, processes and technology. What emerging trends do we see around the corner in the observability space?

Splunk Observability Predictions
  • AI: AI will bring an explosion of productivity across environments, applications, microservices — as well as an uptick in data volume and complexity that will make observability even more essential.
  • Edge Computing: As more computational power gets pushed to the edge, it will drive the innovation of tomorrow. But keeping up with the newfound speed, volume and variety of data will introduce new challenges for businesses.
  • DevSecOps: The integration of security and ops will mean greater context for issue detection and resolution and bolster the overall digital resilience of organizations.
  • CTOs and CIOs: Given the uncertain macroeconomic environment, technology leaders will have to reduce costs while maintaining a robust observability practice and excellent customer experience.

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