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Profiles in Resilience

How forward-thinking public sector organizations are building cyber resilience.

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91% of government cybersecurity professionals said their organization needs a mature, overarching strategy for cyber resilience according to a survey by Meritalk and Splunk.


A world of new threats

The public sector has faced a long list of obstacles these past few years: cyberattacks, rapid digital transformation, heightened geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty, just to name a few.

These challenges have come hard and fast — making cyber resilience more vital than ever for public sector organizations across the globe, from the Department of Defense to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue.


The tools to adapt

To build a foundation of resilience, leaders across the public sector are investing in the Splunk platform to increase security, availability and performance, such as:

  • National Ignition Facility preventing downtime and making historical strides toward clean energy.
  • Cal Poly thwarting more than a million threats a day.
  • Sandia National Labs detecting and countering supply chain attacks.
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Mission success for today and tomorrow

With the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice, future-minded organizations are advancing their missions at rapid pace, including:

  • California Statewide Automated Welfare System helping citizens pay for food and shelter.
  • Leadership Council for Women in National Security furthering gender parity to improve national security.
  • NYC Department of Education ensuring a safe, reliable learning environment for students.


Join the leaders

These organizations — from University of Cincinnati to Bank of England — are building a more resilient future, and the time to prepare is now. Discover how you, too, can:

  • Prepare your organization for the next unexpected challenge.
  • Evolve with changing citizen expectations.
  • Defend against threats while withstanding system disruptions.
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See how public sector leaders are building cyber resilience.