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Profiles in Resilience

See how forward-thinking organizations across key industries use Splunk to keep their systems secure and reliable. 


Resilience Leaders

Adapting to anything

The challenges facing today’s organizations — cyberattacks, rapid digital transformation and economic uncertainty, just to name a few — show no signs of slowing down.

To keep digital systems secure and reliable, leading organizations from every industry are building a foundation of resilience. And they’re using Splunk’s unified security and observability platform to deliver.

According to Splunk’s 2023 State of Observability report, 73% of respondents say they’re investing more in resilience to prevent outages that could lose them customers.

Communications and Media

Keeping the world connected

People around the world rely on communications and media organizations to connect, communicate and do business each day. Discover why more than 400 communications and media organizations use Splunk to keep digital services and networks up and running.

  • Vodafone reduced MTTR by 50%.
  • TalkTalk improved network performance and uptime.
  • Unitel improved SIEM efficiency by 50%.
Wired for Resilience

Banking on Resilience

Financial Services

Investing in customer trust

"80% of the world's largest banks — as well as payment companies, market operators and regulators — rely on Splunk to keep systems secure and reliable around the clock.

  • Aflac blocked more than 2 million threats in just six months
  • Stripe is now able to maintain 99.9998% uptime
  • Tide now detects and responds to threats 5x faster
  • Nasdaq is adapting its business model to accelerate transformation


Keeping operations humming 24/7

To build the industry of tomorrow, 96% of the Fortune 100 manufacturing companies use Splunk to secure, sustain and manage operations.

  • Heineken connects 5,000+ applications with Splunk
  • Honda sees 70% faster MTTR
  • McLaren Racing streams and analyzes 100kHz of data per second for instant decision-making on track
Building Resilience

Profiles in Resilience

Public Sector

Protecting citizens and mission success

Splunk helps 900+ higher education institutions, three branches of government, and 48 of the 50 largest U.S. cities build a more resilient future.

  • National Ignition Facility achieved nuclear fusion breakthrough
  • Cal Poly thwarts 1M+ threats a day
  • Bank of England protects $1 trillion in daily transactions