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Boss of the SOC 2.0 Dataset, Questions and Answers Open-Sourced and Ready for Download

You asked, we delivered – Boss of the SOC 2.0 has been open sourced, including dataset, questions, answers and even a scoring server update!

Machine Learning

Get Smart About Artificial Intelligence #6: Six Steps for Planning Your AI Future

Put your knowledge about artificial intelligence to work and incorporate AI into your organization in six simple steps


State of the CIO: Takeaways From the National Ignition Facility

National Ignition Facility's Marvin Christensen shares his key takeaways and insights on the state of today's CIO

Internet of Things

What Does the ICS System of the Future Look Like?

The ICS of the future will be comprised of multiple forms of technology, but there's a need to view the environment from a holistic level


Let’s Talk About Text, Baby

Pinnacol Assurance's Nathan Worsham explores using the NLP Text Analytics app to perform advanced text analytics inside Splunk

Splunk Life

Meet the Splunker: Krista Arredondo

In this edition of our 'Meet the Splunker' blog series, we’re thrilled to highlight Facilities Coordinator, Krista Arredondo

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