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Following the Leaders

How premier organizations build digital resilience for immediate — and lasting — success.




Insight is 20/20

Leading organizations are increasing visibility and digital resilience to keep their systems secure and reliable, achieving transformational success, including:

  • Achieving breakthroughs in clean energy (National Ignition Facility).
  • Keeping markets moving (Nasdaq).
  • Transforming how people get their pizza fix (Papa Johns).


Ready for anything

To meet new and persistent challenges, leading organizations are safeguarding systems — and family dinners — with Splunk. They’re:

  • Achieving 99% faster MTTR (Soriana).
  • Responding to security threats 3x quicker (Carrefour).
  • Staying ahead of the trends shaping digital transformation (Bank of East Asia).



Always on

With deeper and more granular visibility, teams find and fix issues before customers take note, and innovate to provide ever-better digital experiences.

  • PUMA saves tens of thousands of dollars an hour by keeping its e-commerce sites up and running, no matter the traffic demand.
  • DANA helps more than 100 million customers make digital payments quickly and securely.
  • Heineken keeps operations — and its world-famous beer — flowing smoothly.

Taking Action

Join the leaders

These organizations are building a more resilient future and are ready for anything. Discover how you, too, can:

  • Use real-time insights to make better, faster decisions.
  • Stay agile in the face of uncertainty.
  • Boost innovation and digital transformation.

See how organizations are building digital resilience with Splunk.