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Splunk User Behavior Analytics Guided Product Tour

Learn how to detect unknown threats and anomalous behavior using machine learning.

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Experience first hand how Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) can transform your security operations in an interactive, walk-through product tour. No sandbox required. You’ll see Splunk UBA features in action, read about what you’re seeing, and understand how it all functions in a working environment.


You’ll experience how Splunk UBA gives you:

uba home

UBA Home. See how the UBA Home screen provides an overview of your overall security posture, displaying the number of anomalies and threats by user, device, and app KPIs.

threat and anomaly details

Threat and Anomaly Details. Watch how leveraging comprehensive threat and anomaly data can lead to faster decision-making.

threat anomalies timeline

Threat Anomalies Timeline. Learn how to identify initial warning signs so your team can stop threats in their tracks.

Splunk UBA is giving us deep insight into our insider threat and what our trusted users are doing at any given instant.

Martin Luitermoza, Associate Vice President, NASDAQ

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