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Digital Resilience Beyond Cyber Week

How e-commerce leaders deliver for customers when demand and traffic peaks
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As e-commerce brands head into the highly competitive holiday season, they must prioritize their customers’ shopping experience. Resilience ensures the customer experience is seamless.

In this resource, you’ll learn how organizations use Splunk to build resilience across all their digital systems — accelerating the time to find and fix issues, and absorb shocks like spikes in demand. These organizations can predict and prevent major outages, go beyond simple monitoring, and maintain server uptime on the busiest shopping days. Here’s a peek at some of the highlights:

  • Stripe achieved 99.9998% availability.
  • Lenovo maintained 100% uptime despite a 300% increase in web traffic.
  • Rent the Runway saw 94% faster MTTR and 84% faster MTTD for SLA-impacting incidents.

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