Application Delivery

Application Management: Racing Ahead of the Competition
This white paper discusses how you can deliver applications with both safety and speed—by using a platform approach to monitor and troubleshoot modern applications and the infrastructure that supports them.

Driving DevOps Success with Data
Success in the digital world requires agility. This is achieved through an efficient DevOps release process, and data analytics are needed to get the most out of a DevOps program.


Best Practices

Building a Splunk Center of Excellence
Learn how a Splunk center of excellence (CoE) can help build an organization that's more responsive to the rapidly changing needs of the business. Topics include the benefits of creating a CoE, how to identify if your organization is a candidate for this approach, and the next steps in getting started.


Big Data

The Big Machine: Creating Value Out of Machine-Driven Big Data
This paper from GigaOM Pro explains how business executives working with their CTOs or CIOs and other tech management can use big data within their organizations.



Enhance AWS Security with Splunk Solutions
We understand that security is a top consideration when deciding whether or not to move to AWS. Read this joint white paper from AWS and Splunk to learn how AWS and Splunk solutions together offer a higher level of security and visibility than any organization can attain on-premises.

Splunk Enterprise on AWS: Deployment Guidelines
This paper discuss the steps and architectural considerations for deploying Splunk Enterprise on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It is intended for IT infrastructure architects, administrators and DevOps professionals who are planning to implement or extend their Splunk Enterprise deployment on the AWS cloud.



Using Healthcare Machine Data for Operational Intelligence
This paper provides a glimpse into some of the key IT and business challenges facing healthcare providers today and introduces a new approach for data management.


IT Operations

Control Virtual Chaos: A New Approach for Managing Virtual Environments
This paper discusses the visibility challenges facing today's administrators and highlights a new approach to managing, reporting and analyzing the silos of big data generated by virtualized infrastructures.

Datacenter Virtualization: New Visibility Gaps Create Big Data Opportunities
This paper discusses the ways in which virtualization and big data are inextricably linked, suggesting a big data-capable solution for monitoring, planning and analytics of virtualized infrastructures.

Embracing The Strategic Opportunity of IT
IT must become smarter, more relevant and aligned to meet business demands, but this can be an uphill battle. This paper provides insight on how you can make your IT systems smarter to align with business objectives.

The Path to Operational Intelligence
The move from reactive problem-solving to real-time data-driven insights is easier than you think.

Too Many Hats, Not Enough Heads
The reality for administrators in small IT environments is that there are too many tasks and too few hours in the day. Learn how a log search and analysis solution can handle all of the little details so small IT teams can do more with less.

Why You Can’t Spell Digital Transformation Without “IT”
IT has commonly been labeled as a blocker for innovation. It's time to fix this perception problem. Learn why IT is so misunderstood, how to unearth the business value of IT data, and a three-step process to better connect IT and the business to enable digital transformation.


Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence: Executive Summary
Summary of operational intelligence created by CITO Research.

Operational Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It Now
A more in-depth paper from CITO Research that explains trends driving the need for operational intelligence, explores some use cases and more.



Multiple Splunk as a Service (MSAAS)
This document describes a conceptual framework for designing an MSaaS architecture that supports multitenant Splunk Enterprise deployments as a service. Leveraging this multi-instance approach to support multiple internal and external customers can provide an economical and scalable solution for managing multitenant deployments.


Security & Compliance

How Machine Data Supports GDPR Compliance
Discover in which scenarios machine data will help you to be prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

How Government IT Can Counter Security Threats By Analyzing Big Data
86% of government agencies surveyed say big data analytics will significantly improve their cybersecurity. Learn more in this in-depth analysis.

Using Splunk Software as Part of a Government Insider Threat Detection Program
Insider threats pose a real risk to national security. Learn how machine data and Splunk software can support government insider threat programs.

Leveraging Big Data at the State and Local Level to Drive Cybersecurity, Increase Visibility and Improve Service Delivery
This paper discusses how state and local governments are using big data analytics and correlation to build successful strategies for minimizing IT risk and improving service delivery.

Demystifying Compliance
This paper addresses some of the myths about compliance and what it means for IT, then discusses the main compliance mandates and how Splunk can help.

Guide for Mapping Splunk® Enterprise™ to PCI Requirements
Discover the details of how you can apply Splunk for PCI in your environment.

Taking Your SIEM to the Cloud
This white paper explains the benefits of taking your SIEM to the cloud and just how secure a cloud-based security solution can actually be.

The SIEM RFP: New Questions for New Times
This paper goes into detail about the unspoken purchase risks inherent in the RFP process and five critical additional questions customers should be asking vendors.

Splunk, Big Data and the Future of Security
The focus of this paper is a discussion of a new way of thinking about detecting unknown threats and how a big data solution like Splunk can provide insight into anomalous behavior.

Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security
This White Paper examines the challenges and requirements of implementing high-coverage threat intelligence, and how Splunk helps organizations achieve operational maturity with threat intelligence using Splunk Enterprise Security.

The Six Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SIEM
Modern threats demand analytics-driven security and continuous monitoring. This white paper discusses the six essential features needed for an analytics-driven SIEM.