Girish Bhat

Girish Bhat is the director of security product marketing at Splunk with responsibility for key security solutions, the Splunk CISO customer advisory board and customer use cases.

Previously, Girish held various roles managing authentication, compliance, VPN, advanced threats, DLP, IDS/IPS, mobile, SaaS, IaaS, virtualization and network monitoring solutions.

With more than 15 years of experience with startups and global brands, Girish’s experience includes product marketing, business strategy, strategic analysis, solutions marketing, product management for security, mobile, networking, cloud and software products.

Official Title:

Director, Security Product Marketing

What You Really Do:

Help customers be successful.


Running, community service, tennis, sports analytics and Premier League.

Favorite Quote:

"Being number two sucks."

Favorite Movie:

The Godfather

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