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shared header v2
Lucid Search Bar Implementation
Push Down Banner V1 Analytics Patch, remove after implementing V2 (S9 or S10)
Global nav V2 patch, remove after adding the mobile languages fix in the codebase (S7 or S8)
Antoine Toulme
Antoine Toulme

Antoine Toulme is the engineering manager of the blockchain and DLT team at Splunk. He is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a committer for Hyperledger Besu.

Tips & Tricks 3 Min Read

SPL With No Joins

You always join on time with Splunk - so you don't need to run explicit joins with your records.
DevOps 2 Min Read

Hyperledger Besu is an Observability Pioneer

Hyperledger Besu is a Java-based, enterprise-ready, mainnet-compatible Ethereum client hosted by the Hyperledger Foundation, and now Hyperledger Besu integrates with the OpenTelemetry project to deliver real-time, actionable insights into your Ethereum client performance.