Shelly Kornbloom

Shelly Kornbloom

Shelly is the VP for Marketing Special Ops and Catering at the Splunk T-Shirt Company. As one of the original three STSC founders, Shelly was there at the very beginning, making high-quality T-shirts in a cramped Palo Alto garage. Today, he’s the company’s most ardent evangelist, leading initiatives for brand awareness, thought leadership and content creation. When he’s not selling T-shirts or mentoring young shirtmakers, Shelly enjoys studying foreign languages and photographing livestock.

What You Really Do:

I tell the world about Splunk T-shirts. And I won't rest until every human on Earth is wearing one.

Favorite Quote:

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give him a T-shirt and he looks cool while eating the fish."

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