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Dan Christiansen
Dan Christiansen

Dan has worked in the security field as a Sales Engineer and Security Specialist for over 20 years. Dan specializes in the SIEM, UBA, and SOAR product suite for Splunk, but has previously worked for companies specializing in PKI, SSL VPNs, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile VPNs. Dan spent over six years working with the DoD and Intelligence Community on a variety of satellite, cellular, and WiMax initiatives for the solders on the battlefield. Dan has been at Splunk for 5 years, and currently supports the Public Sector SLED team as a Staff Security Specialist.

Security 1 Min Read

Detecting Malware and Watering Hole Attacks with Splunk UBA

Watering hole attacks involve a web server that hosts files or applications where the website or files on the site become weaponized with malware. Learn how you can detect and prevent these attacks with Splunk UBA.