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Petra Jenner Headshot
Petra Jenner

Petra Jenner is Senior Vice President and General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Splunk. Prior to Splunk, Jenner spent six years at Salesforce across a variety of roles in EMEA, most recently as General Manager, Senior Vice President responsible for Eastern Europe and Switzerland. Based in Munich and with more than 25 years in the technology industry, she has also held leadership roles with Microsoft, Checkpoint and Pivotal. Jenner holds a Masters Degree in Business and IT, and studied International Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Singapore.

Leadership 2 Min Read

Reflections from Davos 2024

The World Economic Forum 2024 gathered under the theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’. A theme of particular relevance for Splunk’s attendance this year is the emergence of genAI and the associated cybersecurity impact it will have. Splunk’s Petra Jenner shares her key takeaways from the event.
Leadership 2 Min Read

How can Europe’s Public Sector become more digitally resilient?

Challenges of a pandemic, conflict and various economic shocks have forced us all to adapt very quickly. Updating our understanding of what digital resilience is, is a critical priority to ensure that the security, reliability and certainty of service delivery is to be preserved.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

Resilience, from Madrid to Helsinki - .conf Go 2023 Brings the Future of Security and Observability to Europe

This autumn, Splunk brought .conf Go to 13 cities across Europe, offering participants practical, actionable advice and insights to overcome some of the toughest digital challenges and helping them build more digital resilience in their organisations.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

The Best of .conf23: Partnerships, Edge Data and the Right Kind of Intelligence

Splunk SVP and GM EMEA Petra Jenner shares a recap of the highlights and the most significant innovations and announcements of .conf23.
Leadership 1 Min Read

Splunk Welcomes Alexandra Turbitt as the New General Vice President of its EMEA Partner Organisation

Get to know Splunk's new GVP of Splunk’s EMEA Partner Organisation, Alexandra Turbitt.
Leadership 2 Min Read

Standing Up for the Global Free Flow of Data

Globalisation is being put into question; geopolitics has never generated so much uncertainty; digitalisation is seen as an opportunity, but also as a new source of risks. As part of these trends, we see the emergence of more and more barriers to the global free flow of data, particularly in the form of local data storage requirements.