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Aditya Tammana
Aditya Tammana

Aditya is a Principal Product Manager at Splunk, focusing on the SPL2 language. He has been deeply involved in core splunkd, Dashboards, and storage in the past. He loves to eat his way through as many countries as possible, document the process, and attempt to recreate that food at home (with mixed success). He once Splunked his dog using the Fitbit Add-on for Splunk to keep an eye on his health patterns, and is currently based in Barcelona, Spain!

Platform 4 Min Read

Announcing the Public Beta of SPL2 in Splunk Enterprise

Announcing the public beta of Splunk’s next-generation data search and processing language, SPL2 on Splunk Enterprise.
Partners 3 Min Read

Case Study: CyberCX Strengthens Security Portfolio by Leveraging SPL2 for Threat Hunting

CyberCX strengthens their security posture monitoring solutions with the development of the CyberCX Intel Hunt for Splunk application using SPL2.
Platform 8 Min Read

Data Preparation Made Easy: SPL2 for Edge Processor

Announcing the General Availability of the SPL2 Profile for Edge Processor, containing the specific subset of powerful SPL2 commands and functions that can be used to control and transform data behavior within Edge Processor.
Platform 3 Min Read

Removing Python® 2 from New Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise Releases Starting Fall 2021

Python 2 will be removed from all new Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise releases starting Fall 2021. Learn how to confirm full Python 3 app readiness for confidence in migrations.
Platform 4 Min Read

Dashboards Beta v0.5: SVG Choropleths Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Learn more about the new features in the Dashboards Beta v0.5 release.
Platform 3 Min Read

Announcing the End-of-Sale of Splunk Light

Splunk Light and Splunk Light Cloud will reach End-of-Sale on May 1st, 2020.