Jason Hupka

Jason Hupka

Jason grew up in a world far, far away from Marketing called, “The Land of IT.”  This world was filled with horrors and dangers around every corner.  One day Jason discovered the Splunk, and using curl pulled forth the software package as a chorus of cherubs sang from the heavens.  After years as a Splunk Architect, Jason sought out the source of the Splunk.  After an arduous quest, Jason joined the Marketing clan of the Splunk and now works with the Splunk community.  Jason now follows the SplunkTrust around with coconut halves making clip-clop sounds.

Official Title:

Splunk Community Manager

What You Really Do:

SplunkTrust Wrangler


Cars, arcade & pinball, pony pants, and music

Favorite Quote:

"Unicode character U+201F"

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