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Kirsty Paine Headshot
Kirsty Paine

Kirsty Paine (she/her) is a Strategic Advisor in Technology and Innovation for Splunk’s EMEA region, where she provides technical thought leadership for strategic accounts. As an experienced technologist, strategist and security specialist, she thrives on understanding difficult problems and finding creative solutions. Her long-standing mantra, after nearly a decade working in cyber security, is simple and straightforward: "Make Good Choices".

Kirsty's background in cyber security stems from her mathematical roots, built on by her time working for the UK National Cyber Security Centre, where she spent years specialising in security, privacy and internet technologies. There, she often joked that her job was to look after two simple things: the security of 1) the internet and 2) all of its things. This role required a lot of technical strategy, coupled with international engagement across industry, and quite a lot of patience.

When not finding or fixing problems, Kirsty can usually be found in the gym or surrounded by sushi (making it, eating it, or both).


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