Asmita Puri

I was born and raised in India, moved to New York for my Masters in Computer Science. I lead the engineering effort for Getting Data In as part of SCS. I will be celebrating my 7 years anniversary at Splunk in February and I am thrilled to be here. I also try to be stay involved in the women at Splunk ERG. I am leading the advocacy work stream for the ERG.

Official Title:

Senior Software Engineer

What You Really Do:

Entertain the dogs at Splunk 'till I can get back to mine at home.


I am an avid reader. Other than catching up on my ever expanding list of books and podcasts, I like going on hikes with my dog.

First Day at Splunk:

May 2012. I started as an intern with the Splunk Storm team (the first cloud offering at Splunk).

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