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Laiba Siddiqui

Laiba Siddiqui is an SEO writer who loves simplifying complex topics. She has helped companies like Data World, DataCamp, and Rask AI create engaging and informative content for their audiences. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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What Is Network Architecture?

Learn everything you need to know about network architecture and follow the best practices to maintain your architecture’s security.
Learn 5 Min Read

What are Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)?

Learn everything about cloud service providers and how to choose the right one for your business.
Learn 5 Min Read

What Is SOC Modernization?

Need to modernize your SOC? A modern, futureproofed SOC helps build business resilience. Learn about the best practices and challenges involved.
Learn 3 Min Read

Incident Review: How To Conduct Incident Reviews & Postmortems

Reviewing incidents or doing an “incident postmortem” helps your team learn from incidents. Learn the best ways to maximize the value in your incident review practice.
Learn 6 Min Read

Network Topology: The Complete Guide

Understand why network topology is the backbone of every organization. Learn about different types and best practices.
Learn 5 Min Read

Site Reliability Engineer: Responsibilities, Roles and Salaries

Discover the importance of the site reliability engineer role. Learn about the responsibilities, skills, and salaries of site reliability engineers.
Learn 4 Min Read

What is eBPF?

Learn what eBPF is and how it helps programmers execute programs within Linux.
Learn 5 Min Read

Executive Order 14028: Improving U.S. Cybersecurity

Learn how Executive Order 14028 aimed to strengthen the national defense systems and improve the nation’s cybersecurity.
Learn 8 Min Read

What is Network Security?

Learn the basics of network security and how to secure your organization’s networks.
Learn 5 Min Read

TCP/IP: What It Is & How It Works

Learn all about TCP/IP and its 5 layers. TCP/IP is a universal transmission framework that establishes connections across diverse devices.
Learn 5 Min Read

The National Cyber Workforce & Education Strategy (NCWES) Explained

Learn about the National Cyber Workforce & Education Strategy, a U.S. program for shaping the future of cybersecurity by promoting cybersecurity education.
Learn 6 Min Read

Endpoint Security Explained

Discover the role of endpoint security in protecting network integrity. This guide shares insights into implementing robust security measures for effective cyber defense.
Learn 6 Min Read

The SaaS Security Guide: Best Practices for Securing SaaS

In this article, let’s look at SaaS security: what it is, the most common threats to SaaS and actionable best practices for securing SaaS applications.
Learn 7 Min Read

Risk Mitigation for Organizations: The Complete Guide

Risks aren't always bad, but some sure are. Mitigate the risks you can, with a variety of risk strategies available to you. Learn more here.
Learn 4 Min Read

AI Frameworks: Top Types To Adopt in 2024

Whether complex neural networks or a simple ML, AI frameworks are the foundation. See the most common, and the ones you need to adopt today.
Learn 8 Min Read

What is a Data Pipeline?

Data pipelines: everyone has one, but exactly what are they? We're telling the full story here, including why data pipelines are only growing in importance.
Learn 5 Min Read

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) For Enterprise Security

In this blog post, we'll take a close look at User and Entity Behavior Analytics and how it works for enterprise security.
Learn 6 Min Read

What is Real User Monitoring?

Real User Monitoring (RUM) helps you monitor visitors' activities, revealing critical insights into the user experience. Get the expert story here.