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Jeremy Hicks
Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks is an observability evangelist and SRE veteran from multiple Fortune 500 E-commerce companies. His enthusiasm for monitoring, resiliency engineering, cloud, and DevOps practices provide a unique perspective on the observability landscape.

DevOps 3 Min Read

Maintaining Thresholds: Advanced Splunk Observability Detectors

Set up complex multi-signal alerts, consolidate multiple alerts into a single detector, and maintain sanity in a complex world with Splunk Observability Cloud.
DevOps 2 Min Read

Generate Dashboards for OpenTelemetry Receivers in Splunk Observability

Need a dashboard for that new OpenTelemetry receiver you’re using? Generate a Terraform configuration in Splunk Observability.
DevOps 5 Min Read

Modeling and Unifying DevOps Data Part 3: Pipelines

In this third post of a series devoted to modeling DevOps data into a common set of mappings, Splunker Jeremy Hicks explores the Software Pipelines and their commonalities across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
DevOps 5 Min Read

Modeling and Unifying DevOps Data Part 2: Code

Embrace data models for code and bring order to the chaos.
DevOps 5 Min Read

From Webhook to Log and Log to Metric: OpenTelemetry Magic!

Learn some OpenTelemetry magic and start summoning metrics from your logs.
DevOps 5 Min Read

Modeling and Unifying DevOps Data

Embrace data models and bring order to the chaos as we break down elements and commonalities in various stages of the DevOps lifecycle starting with Work Planning.