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Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis

Security practitioner, Melbourne, Australia via Seattle, USA.

Security 12 Min Read

Detecting & Hunting Named Pipes: A Splunk Tutorial

Named pipes can be threats, too. In this comprehensive article, we are going to talk about detecting, hunting and investigating named pipes.
Security 5 Min Read

Process Hunting with PSTree

This tutorial shows how to use the pstree command & app to help you look through all the processes you have to investigate.
Security 5 Min Read

Add to Chrome? - Part 3: Findings and Recommendations

SURGe explores findings and general recommendations on whether or not you should click 'Add to Chrome' the next time you find a fancy new extension.
Security 4 Min Read

Add to Chrome? - Part 1: An Analysis of Chrome Browser Extension Security

An overview of SURGe research that analyzed the entire corpus of public browser extensions available on the Google Chrome Web Store.
Security 5 Min Read

What Generative AI Means For Cybersecurity: Risk & Reward

Learn the risks and rewards of generative AI in cybersecurity.
Security 5 Min Read

This Feels Scripted: Zeek Scripting and Splunk

Splunker Shannon Davis shares a closer look at updated searches for detecting SpookySSL.