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Ronald Beiboer
Ronald Beiboer

Ronald Beiboer is a cybersecurity specialist specializing in Threat Detection and Response (TDR), and has amassed nearly two decades of experience in this field.

Ronald has a track record of proven expertise in SOC (Security Operations Center) operations, security architecture, and the management of MDR/MSSP (Managed Detection and Response/Managed Security Service Provider) products.

Security 4 Min Read

Woken by Ransomware, Are We Hypnotized by Tunnel Vision?

Splunker Ronald Beiboer examines if ransomware has blinded us to the more invisible attacks and how cybersecurity can help.
Security 5 Min Read

Are You Forensic Ready?

In the landscape of everyday operations, the concept of forensic readiness may often linger unnoticed in the background.
Security 5 Min Read

OT Security Is Different, Isn’t IT?

Explore the differences between OT security and IT security, delving into industry-specific challenges and solutions, with insights into the Purdue Model and how Splunk can help.