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Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson

Ian has worked in the Observability space for the best part of 20 years and has helped many organisations on their O11y journeys to provide better visibility into their critical apps and services. Ian has been at Splunk for over four years and is part of the O11y strategist team which focuses on helping Splunk's customers achieve their O11y goals.

DevOps 7 Min Read

Custom Metrics and their importance in Observability

Leveraging custom metrics and having complete control into how all metrics are collected and are sent into your O11y platform, is key to managing the complex modern platforms of today (and those of tomorrow!). Read more on the blog.
DevOps 10 Min Read

Why Knowing the Front-End and User’s Experience of Your Platform is Key to Understanding How that Platform is Working

We have all been there. When you are trying to buy a ticket and the app crashes or loads the next web page when booking a holiday only to find it takes forever and appears to hang. Our frustration level increases and if it continues, we will exit and go elsewhere. With banking apps though, we won’t move straight away but repeated bad experiences here will be remembered and eventually will make us move.
DevOps 8 Min Read

Why Is Log Data So Important In Observability?

Traditional monitoring approaches struggle in digital platforms and they do not collect the rich data contained in the logs. Observability, with OpenTelemetry, is the key to managing these platforms and it is based on the capture and analysis of three types of telemetry; metrics, traces and logs.
DevOps 5 Min Read

Why Does Observability Need OTel?

In this blog, we will take a look into why modern digital platforms drove this need for OTel and how combining this with Splunk’s o11y platform solves the key challenges of managing these platforms today.