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Koray Harman
Koray Harman

Koray Harman is a Global Observability Strategist at Splunk, and is involved in the go-to market, incubation, and product road-map strategies for Splunk’s Observability offerings across APAC. He comes from a consultancy background involved in all things data, across several key industries and organisations of all sizes. Koray is a huge Observability evangelist, and is very excited to be a part of such fast paced and business critical technologies.

DevOps 7 Min Read

How to Customise Detectors for Even Better Alerting

Discover how to create a Custom Detector and explore first-hand how the right customizations can turn an alert storm into meaningful insights with Splunk Observability Cloud.
DevOps 5 Min Read

How to Create Great Alerts

Splunker Koray Harman highlights alerting scenarios to avoid and explores some of the ways to create and customize alerts in Splunk Observability Cloud to go from noise to action and improve your MTTx.