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Austin Chia

Austin Chia is the Founder of, where he writes about tech, analytics, and software. With his years of experience in data, he seeks to help others learn more about data science and analytics through content. He has previously worked as a data scientist at a healthcare research institute and a data analyst at a health-tech startup.

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Data Modeling: An Introduction

With all the data we have today, data modeling has become a super important way to understanding that data. Learn about modeling data here.
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Synthetic Data: Everything You Need to Know

Synthetic data is one approach to data-driven technologies, like ML and AI, that can help solve current problems and enable more innovation. Learn more here.
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The Ultimate Guide to Business Metrics

Metrics help you measure and understand what’s really going on inside your business. But where to start? Where to simplify? This guide has you covered.
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What is a Data Engineer?

Whether managing, cleaning, or structuring data — data engineers are an incredibly important role in tech. Dive into their responsibilities and business impacts here
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SQL for Data Science: Introduction & Tutorial

SQL is among the most powerful tools a data scientist can use. Get the full introduction for using SQL for data science in this complete guide.
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What Are Vector Databases?

Need your AI models to be more efficient? The solution might lie in vector databases. Learn what vector databases are and can do in this complete introduction.
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An Introduction to Batch Processing

Processing large amounts of data all at once — this is known as “batch processing”. Understand when and why we need it, even today when we stream so much data.
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9 Best Data Analysis Tools to Work With in 2024

Data analysis is an imperative, but how do you do it well? Start with these top data analyst tools, put together like only professional data analysts can.
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Data Mining: The Ultimate Introduction

Data mining is the sophisticated analysis of data. Learn how it helps to discover patterns and relationships within large datasets, informing strategic decisions.
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Time Series Databases (TSDBs) Explained

Time series databases are powerful! How do they work & what can they do for your business? Get the full details on TSDBs here.
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Data Management: Its Importance and Benefits

Managing data is a critical practice for any organization. In this article, learn all about the data lifecycle and best practices for data management.
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What is Data Masking?

Masking data is an important step in data security and data privacy. Learn when and why to mask data, and then learn how to do it. Get the complete story here.
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The AI Engineer Role Today

Learn all about the role of AI Engineer, including the skills, tools, and learning paths you need to become an AI Engineer.
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Call Center Analytics & Metrics for Success

The call center can tell you a LOT about the experience of your customers. Know exactly what metrics & data to track to improve your call center operations.
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Robotic Process Automation: RPA Today

A transformative technology, RPA automates business processes that are structured and rules-based. But RPA is not AI. Get the full RPA story here.
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Query Languages: A Simple Introduction

Query languages are what make your database so powerful. Get to know the types of and most common query languages, and all the ways you can use them.
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11 Common Data Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore 11 common data types in this comprehensive guide, covering integers, strings, booleans, and more. Learn their purpose and applications for data visualization.
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AI Bill of Rights: What Does It Mean?

In this blog post, we will delve into what the AI Bill of Rights is, its key principles, and the future of AI regulation in the United States.