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Joanna Zouhour
Joanna Zouhour

Joanna Zouhour is a Product Marketing Manager at Splunk, born and raised in France but lived in Argentina for 5 years before moving to the U.S. She has a bachelor's in Business and an MBA from Kellogg.

DevOps 3 Min Read

Data Storage Costs Keeping You Up at Night? Meet Archived Metrics

Splunkers Joanna Zouhour and Navtej Singh introduce Splunk's Archived Metrics, storing data affordably, enhancing accessibility, and reducing costs in Metrics Pipeline Management.
Platform 4 Min Read

Why You Need Observability With the Splunk Platform

Splunk Observability Cloud allows you to get the full picture of your events in one same place.
DevOps 4 Min Read

Caught in 4K! New Splunk Features Help Find Problems Faster With Full Visibility of Your Tech Stack

New features offer enhanced visibility, simplified investigations, and faster troubleshooting to empower teams.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Take Back Control of Your Workflows, Data, and Costs with Splunk Observability

Splunk’s unified Observability platform brings together a wide set of capabilities that enable practitioners to regain control of their data, processes, and costs.
Learn 3 Min Read

Splunk Log Observer

Splunk Log Observer is no longer available for purchase. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for all the same Observability functions. Get the details here.