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Maxime Petazzoni
Maxime Petazzoni
Maxime has been a software engineer for over 15 years. At SignalFx, Max is the architect behind our Microservices APM offering, and spent several years working on the core of SignalFx: its real-time, streaming SignalFlow™ Analytics. He is also the creator of MaestroNG, a container orchestrator for Docker environments.
DevOps 7 Min Read

Monitoring Docker Containers: What Does It Take to Get Started?

Operationalizing Docker means more complexity, and greater need for monitoring and alerting on production environments. Learn docker container monitoring best practices.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Easier Multi-Dimensional Metrics in Java

Discover the two key elements to unlocking the full potential of multi-dimensional metrics in Java with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring.
DevOps 8 Min Read

Lightning Fast Monitoring Against Lightning Fast Outages

Fast-evolving anomalies can quickly turn into outages. If your monitoring system is too slow, or not granular enough, you may not be able to catch the anomaly in time. Even when you do, manual remediation steps may not be put in place fast enough to prevent the outage. In this blog, we explore what it takes...
DevOps 7 Min Read

Metadata Correlation: The Magic Behind the Math

It’s no secret anymore: metrics are one of the most powerful tools an engineering team can have at its disposal when building modern, distributed applications. From observability to monitoring and from insights to alerting, historical trends and forecasting, metrics and timeseries data have the potential to deliver...
DevOps 5 Min Read

Monitoring Docker Containers: How SignalFx Monitors Its Containerized Infrastructure

SignalFx has been running Docker containers in production since 2013. Every single application we manage executes within a Docker container. Along the way, we’ve learned how to monitor our Docker-based infrastructure and how to get maximum visibility into our applications, wherever and however they run...