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Jeff Wiedemann
Jeff Wiedemann

Prior to Splunk, Jeff spent years as an architect at a healthcare software company where he got his first Splunk contact high. As it turns out, analyzing seemingly incoherent data, continuously identifying new insights, and making sound data-driven decisions can be quite fun. Nerd alert! When not Splunking, Jeff might be doing something relaxing and fun, but more likely than not, he's got his hands full with his two boys.

What’s Splunk Doing With AI?

Splunker Jeff Wiedemann answers the question 'What is Splunk doing with AI?'
DevOps 4 Min Read

New Features in the Content Pack for Monitoring and Alerting

Get more information on the key enhancements and features we’ve introduced in the latest version of the Content Pack for ITSI Monitoring and Alerting.
IT 1 Min Read

AIOps No Bullsh...Just IT

Get insights into what AIOps is and how to get started with a step-by-step guide to make AIOps a reality for your organization from the Splunk experts.
DevOps 6 Min Read

Five Critical Insights You Won't Get With Your Cloud Provider's Monitoring Solution Alone

The blog provides 5 Insights into why Splunk is necessary to assure health of your multi-cloud estate and covers specific examples of the added value over individual cloud provider monitoring tools.
IT 8 Min Read

Recover Lost Visibility of IT Infrastructure With Splunk

The news of the “Sunburst Backdoor” malware delivered via SolarWinds Orion software has organizations choosing to shut down Orion to protect themselves. This includes several U.S. government organizations following the recent CISA guidance. If you are considering a similar response in your own environment, a critical next step is quickly restoring the lost visibility to the health and operations of your infrastructure. To do this, we’ll introduce you to Splunk’s infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities that can help you recover much of the visibility lost when Orion was shut down.
IT 4 Min Read

At Last: Easy, Actionable, and Scalable Alerting in ITSI

Learn all about the newly released IT Service Intelligence Content Pack for monitoring and alerting.