Sainag Nethala

I love working for Splunk, I joined Splunk because there is free beer - (JK), but after joining I got to know there is more than just a beer. Splunk is all about culture, people, passion. When I was working at Apple, Joining Splunk was a great thing to me, then I got into this SplunkZero team now called Splunk@Splunk which is the first customer of Splunk. I Splunk Splunk's data, I help splunkers in onboarding our internal data what we have in Splunk, showcase best use cases and tell the world how successful we are in using Splunk.. I have a lovely wife, she is not in Tech but she is on human beings(physician).

Official Title:

Splunk Engineer

What you really do:

I Splunk Splunk's data, I help splunkers in splunking everything.


Documentaries, Work out, Meeting People.