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Jennifer Swallow
Jennifer Swallow

As part of the  Splunk Education team, Jennifer lives and breathes Splunk Lantern. She collaborates with Splunk experts all across the organization to curate and publish the information that customers need to succeed. She is a technical content expert who enjoys analyzing grammar, watching farm animal rescue videos, and running at very high altitudes.

Splunk Customer Success at the Stevie Awards!

Congratulations to Splunk Lantern and Dave Zimmerman – finalists for the 2024 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.
Tips & Tricks 1 Min Read

New Year, New Ideas, and New Self-Help Articles

Customers at any stage of their organizational resilience journey can benefit from the action-oriented, self-help content available free on Splunk Lantern.

Your Self-Managed Journey to Digital Resilience

No matter your industry, starting point, or organizational size, the Use Case Explorers for Security and Observability will help you improve digital resilience.

Follow Splunk Down a Guided Path to Resilience

The Prescriptive Adoption Motions for Security and Observability offer technical expertise, best practices, and product knowledge to help you with key use cases.

Building Resilience With the Splunk Platform One Use Case at a Time

The Splunk Lantern Platform Use Case Explorer will inspire and help you as you implement new use cases using either Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud Platform across a variety of industries.

Building Better Implementations With the Splunk Success Framework

The Splunk Success Framework contains best practices to help you decrease time to value, drive adoption, and enable Splunk environments to scale as you grow.