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Patrick Coughlin
Patrick Coughlin

Patrick Coughlin is VP, Global Technical Sales at Splunk. He was the Co-founder and CEO of TruSTAR, a cyber intelligence management platform that was acquired by Splunk. Prior to TruSTAR, Patrick led cybersecurity and counterterrorism analyst teams for the US government and private sector clients in the US and EMEA.

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Heading to Black Hat? Splunk’s Countdown Is On

Join Splunk at Black Hat 2023 to explore Splunk Attack Analyzer, SURGe research on Chrome browser extension risks, and the latest detection engineering tools from the Splunk Threat Research Team.
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New Research on Digital Resilience Unveils Massive Opportunity for Organizations

Splunk's 'Digital Resilience Pays Off' report explores how organizations are investing in critical digital resilience capabilities and the business impact.
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2022…The Year You Become Cyber Resilient with Deloitte and Splunk

Splunk Enterprise Security helps power MXDR by Deloitte with continuous intelligence, threat detection, and comprehensive visibility across IT and Operational Technology assets. These capabilities enable MXDR to protect customers anywhere they do business, whether on-prem, hybrid, cloud or multi-cloud environments.
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Ransomware Groundhog Day: Elevating Your Program in a High-Threat Environment

REvil attackers exploited Kaseya, a highly trusted management software. Here's how security leaders can take actionable steps to improve your business's defenses.
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Box Automates Intelligence and Workflows While Reducing Manual Work Hours with TruSTAR

Box is the market leader for Cloud Content Management. Read on for more in this Q&A with Box's Kyle Bailey, Manager, Threat Operations.
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TruSTAR Enclave: Not Your Grandpa’s 'Trusted Circle'

TruSTAR’s Enclave technology is the most advanced cloud-based governance engine for enterprise cyber intelligence – read on to discover how it has evolved to meet the needs of integration, automation and intelligence sharing.