Sean Price

Sean Price

Sean is an innovative and successful industry leader in analytics, delivering transformational and award-winning solutions across public sector and healthcare – well documented in his Linkedin feeds with his best pal Zak!
Possessing a natural ability to understand and bring technology, people and processes together, combined with a passionate, inspirational and fearless delivery style; a strong reputation and professional following has been built.

With a 20-year industry knowledge base developed, combined with experience in delivering analytics solutions across different countries, Sean regularly delivers international thought leadership, eventing and customer engagement.

Personal qualities show a passionate and collaborative leader who easily works across functions and boundaries, combined with a drive to push an inclusive, diverse and innovative culture in the industry.

Official Title:

Industry Strategist, Public Sector and Healthcare

What you really do:

Solve problems with data!


Walking AI dog! Writing and playing music, family time, keeping fit and tons of other things!

Favourite quote:

"The obstacle is the way."

Favourite Album:

Difficult To Cure - Rainbow