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Irshad Raihan
Irshad Raihan

Irshad Raihan is a seasoned product marketing leader, building high-performance teams across IBM, HPE, and more recently Red Hat. He enjoys formulating messaging and GTM strategy for enterprise technology, and working across product teams to inspire, inform, and initiate customers on their buyer's journey. Irshad holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Masters in Computer Science from Clemson University. When he's not biking around Lake Tahoe on his Trek Madone, he enjoys grilling on his coal-fired homemade tandoor clay oven. Irshad joined Splunk in November 2021, and shared this update on his first day -

Platform 3 Min Read

Is the Cloud an Experience or a Destination?

Splunker Irshad Raihan dives into how modern enterprises can benefit from their cloud journey to solve the most gnarly data challenges to unlock innovation, enhance security, and drive resilience.