Renee Woods

Renee Woods

Renée Woods (she/her/hers) is a firm believer in the strength of community and its empowerment potential. Based in the city of Chicago, Renée is the Global Community Events and User Groups Manager at Splunk. Prior to her start as a Splunker, Renée’s career took a winding path from the Arts and Nonprofits events and community management, to Association Management focusing on tech education and user groups, eventually leading her to the management of communities and events in the technology industry.

Outside of the Splunkerverse, Renée enjoys attending concerts at small venues, being outside in the sun as much as possible- preferably by the water or interesting landscapes, supporting local theatre and events, wrangling her own communities, volunteering for humanitarian organizations, spending time with her chosen family and pets, watching classic films, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Official Title:

Community User Group and Events Manager

What You Really Do:

Connect Splunk Users with one another and to the entire Splunk Community!

Favorite Movie:

Funny Girl, Amélie

Favorite Album:

Bear Creek (and everything else by Brandi Carlile)

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