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Burch is what happens when you mix a passion for technology with a love for performing comedy. If you find a Burch in the wild, engage lovingly with discussions of Splunk Best Practices and your hardest SPL challenges.

Learn 1 Min Read

SplunkTalk: The Podcast

The home for SplunkTalk, the podcast that's all Splunk and no junk! Get the full story from Burch and Hal here.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

How Speaking at .conf Went From a Dream to Reality

Learn the ins and outs of being a .conf21 speaker from .conf veteran, Burch! Burch walks through the do's and don'ts of submitting to Splunk's .conf call for speakers, and will help guide you through best practices for what to do after you've been accepted.

How Crowdsourcing is Shaping the Future of Splunk Best Practices

Crowdsourcing is transforming the way we deliver best practices at scale
Tips & Tricks 3 Min Read

Alerts and Dashboards and Searching, Oh My!

Apply a Johari Window approach within Splunk to make your incident management work for you!
Tips & Tricks 8 Min Read

Hands on Lab: Sandboxing with Splunk with Docker (from .conf2017)

Accept it. You're afraid to take risks with Splunk. So was I. That is, until Docker changed my life. Join the cult and learn how to rapidly create disposable Splunk sandboxes in mere minutes!
Tips & Tricks 2 Min Read

Build a Dashboard with Dynamic and Editable Inputs

Use some less obvious features of Splunk SimpleXML to create a dynamic but flexible user experience with form inputs.