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Alexey Bokov

Cloud strategy and alliance partnership - enabling new scenarios and use cases, enhancing engineering collaboration, driving joined initiatives and bettering the world. Outside of that love to go outdoors - hike, ride a bike with family, and sometimes may be seen alone running over Bay Trail

Security 2 Min Read

Using Splunk to Secure Your Productivity and Team Collaboration Environment

See how Splunk helps teams work and collaborate securely while using Google Chrome and Google Workspace.
Partners 3 Min Read

Get Extended Security Insights from Chrome Browser with Splunk

With security being our shared top priority, Google Chrome has partnered with Splunk on a new integration to collect, analyze, and extract insights from these security events.
Partners 7 Min Read

Getting Started with Splunk on Google Cloud

In April 2021, Splunk launched Splunk Cloud on Google Cloud. Since then, a large and growing number of integrations, applications, tools, and solutions have been created to enable or enhance use cases across data protection, productivity, safer remote working and other security visibility needs.