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Matthew Hite
Matthew Hite

Matt Hite is Splunk's resident Google Cloud expert. When not at work, Matt can usually be found in his studio attempting to make electronic music or more likely curating his 80s music collection.

Partners 1 Min Read

What’s New in the Splunk® Dataflow Template

Check out the recent improvements to the Splunk Dataflow template, an indispensable tool that allows Google Cloud customers to easily engineer a horizontally scalable and fault-tolerant logging export pipeline into Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Platform™.
Partners 5 Min Read

Taking Inventory of Your Google Cloud

We're diving into three different methods operators can use to ingest Google Cloud asset inventory data into Splunk, along with outlining detailed setup instructions and pointers so customers can get started today.
Partners 16 Min Read

Getting to Know Google Cloud Audit Logs

So you've set up a Google Cloud Logging sink along with a Dataflow pipeline and are happily ingesting these events into your Splunk infrastructure, but now what? Learn eight useful signals hiding within Google Cloud audit logs.