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Patrick Lin
Patrick Lin
Patrick leads Product and Partnerships at SignalFx. Previously, he held senior leadership positions in Product Management at Jive Software and VMware.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Transitioning From Graphite to Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Where Graphite has limitations in scale, maintenance, ease of use, flexibility, alerting, and cost, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring was built specifically for today's distributed, elastic environments.
DevOps 1 Min Read

Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Microsoft Azure

Many of our customers list Microsoft Azure as the main cloud provider they’re considering using, or already have in production. As of today, we’re pleased to announce Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring's direct integration with Azure Monitor for visibility into many Azure Services. As before, you can continue to monitor Azure Container Service.
DevOps 3 Min Read

AWS Lambda Monitoring with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

We partnered with several of our customers to develop monitoring for Lambda with their real-world use cases in mind with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring.