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Adam Swanda
Adam Swanda

Adam Swanda is a Principal Intelligence Analyst at Splunk on the Threat Hunting and Intelligence team. His work at Splunk can be summed up as tracking threats of interest, understanding how and why they operate, and providing tactical and operational intelligence to defend against those threats. With nine years of experience in the security industry, Adam has previously provided cyber crime expertise as part of a large threat intelligence provider, worked in the security operations centers for major online and brick-and-mortar retailers, contributed to threat research efforts at a security software start-up, and developed or contributed to several open source tools.

Security 3 Min Read

Tales of a Principal Threat Intelligence Analyst

Discover how threat intelligence can offer valuable insights to help fend off future attacks, no matter how covert or cunning they appear to be.
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Threat Hunter Intelligence Report

Welcome to Splunk’s Threat Hunter Intelligence Report, a monthly series brought to you by Splunk’s threat hunting and intelligence (THI) team sharing the latest cybersecurity threats and trends to help organizations stay one step ahead of adversaries, one report at a time.