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Joseph Nduhiu

Joseph is an ICT consultant and trainer with over 18 years of global experience across multiple sectors. His passion is assisting business units and IT departments in executing their digital transformation strategies and streamlining their operations in line with global standards and best practices. His areas of expertise include business process reengineering, IT service management, project management and cyber resilience. You can connect with Joseph @josephnduhio and on LinkedIn.

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IT/ITIL® Event Management

Learn how to succeed with IT event management. Which events are important, and the rest of just noise? Get the full story here.
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Customer Experience (CX) Metrics

Learn everything you need to know about network architecture and follow the best practices to maintain your architecture’s security.
Learn 6 Min Read

Critical Infrastructure & Managing Risk

Risks to critical infrastructure are both physical and digital, and the consequences can be enormous. Read more in this introduction to critical infrastructure.
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Business Process Reengineering (BPE) Explained

Let’s face it: processes at work don’t always work. Business process reengineering helps you stay on top of constant change while still accomplishing your most important goals.
Learn 7 Min Read

What is Business Impact Analysis?

A business impact analysis helps you prepare for service continuity in the face of disruption. Get the full story and the 8-step BIA process here.
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Scalability in IT: The Complete Guide To Scaling

Scalability is one of the main selling points of migrating to the cloud. What exactly does it mean & how do you do it? Get the full story here.
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ISO 27002: Information Security Controls Explained

In this article, we will look at the origin story of the ISO 27002 standard, as well as its structure, and how to apply the guidelines.
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Incident Response Plans: The Complete Guide To Creating & Maintaining IRPs

Need to update your incident response plan? Start here! We’ll show how to create one that works, and how to maintain it for the long haul so it stays effective.
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Availability Management: An Introduction

Understand application availability, why traditional availability monitoring fails, and best practices for end-to-end monitoring for today’s availability.
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Shadow IT & How To Manage It Today

Shadow IT exists for a few reasons: is one side more right? Is there a middle ground? Get the full story from IT expert Joseph Nduhiu in this article.
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What’s IT Monitoring? IT Systems Monitoring Explained

IT monitoring is THE thing you need to make sure your technology works, so you can keep customers happy. Monitoring can detect and resolve all sorts of issues.
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Infrastructure Management & Lifecycle Explained

Managing your IT infrastructure is a critical aspect of your business, even if you don't think it is. See how a 4-phase approach covers the entire span of the infrastructure management practice.
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What is Infrastructure Monitoring?

Monitoring your infrastructure starts long before systems go live. Let’s look at approaches, tools, challenges & future trends of infrastructure monitoring.
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IT Infrastructure Defined

Let's answer the question "What exactly is IT infrastructure?" We'll drill down on the different types and categories of IT infrastructure, how to manage it, as well as what the future holds.
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Data Governance vs. Data Management: What's The Difference?

Understanding the difference between data governance and data management is paramount in any setting where you’re managing (and monetizing) data.
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Spear Phishing & How To Prevent It

Highly targeted spear phishing attacks focus on specific individuals in businesses. Are you one of them? Are you being targeted? Find out here.
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CSIRTs: Computer Security Incident Response Teams

A major security incident happens: you need to minimize the impact and restore normality ASAP. The best way to do it? The CSIRT. Get all the details about this team.
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Business Resilience: What It Is & How To Build It

Business resilience is an encompassing way to prepare your organization for anything. Research shows how resiliency enables you to thrive amid change!