James Hodge

James Hodge

James Hodge is the Chief Technical Advisor at Splunk with a specific focus on driving business outcomes on Splunk’s data platform. Prior to leading the Chief Technical Advisor organisation James worked in the product management team leading Splunk’s Big Data and Analytics product strategy with a specific focus on the Hadoop, Spark and open source analytics ecosystem. Data ethics and digital transformation is one of James’ passions and he regularly speaks on the topic at conferences. James is committed to driving a diverse workforce and devotes time to Splunk’s values by promoting social inclusion and making Splunk an inclusive place to work. In addition to working at Splunk, James spends time advising startups on how to leverage data as a competitive edge whilst keeping a focus on simplifying technology architectures.

Official Title:

Chief Technical Advisor

What you really do:

Talk for a living, build demos with Lego, get accused of pontificating and generally struggle getting projectors to work.

Favorite Quote:

"Every day is a school day."

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