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Aunsh Chaudhari

Aunsh is a Product Manager at Splunk focused on how customers get their data into Splunk Observability Cloud. He is involved in the overall agent strategy along with Splunk’s contributions to OpenTelemetry. Prior to Splunk, Aunsh worked closely with engineering and product at Shutterfly on the User Media Assets platform and was part of the Search team at Chewy. Aunsh has a Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston.

DevOps 2 Min Read

Announcing the Splunk Add-on for OpenTelemetry Collector

Now you can use the Deployment Server to deploy the Splunk Distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector.
DevOps 3 Min Read

End of Support for SignalFx Smart Agent & Moving to the OpenTelemetry Collector

Splunk's Aunsh Chaudhari announces the extension of the End of Support date for the SignalFx Smart Agent, and outlines the advantages for and questions related to the migration to the OpenTelemetry Collector.
DevOps 4 Min Read

Observability for AWS Fargate Deployments Powered by Graviton2 Processors

Splunk is proud to partner with Amazon for AWS Graviton2 as a new architecture for AWS ECS Fargate. With SplunkⓇ Observability Cloud, teams can get all their answers in one place with unified metrics, traces and logs collected in real time.