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Rishita Rai

Rishita Rai is a Senior Product Manager at Splunk Inc. for Enterprise Security, Splunk app for PCI, Security Essentials, InfoSec and Lookup File Editing. She is CISM certified, Splunk Certified Architect, and a speaker with more than a decade of experience focused on solving unique cybersecurity and technology issues and improving security posture.

Rishita has extensive cross-sector experience delivering threat detection and monitoring, security analytics solutions, developing cybersecurity products and programs, and executing controls. She provides a unique perspective for how to leverage threat management capabilities to enhance cyber security programs. Before joining Splunk, she was at Expedia Group Security, Cyber Risk at Deloitte & Touche, Lubrizol Corp. and Accenture.

Rishita has a Masters in Engineering Management from Case Western Reserver University, USA and Bachelor of Engineering from VTU, India.

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