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Cui Lin
Cui Lin

Dr. Cui Lin is currently Principle Security Data Scientist at Splunk Machine Learning for Security (SMLS), working as Lead for the Content of Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) . Prior to her current position, she has industrial experience in CA, Hitachi, Microsoft Research and IBM.

She has published 20+ papers/ journals (600+ citations from 20+ counties) and 9 US patents filed on Data Science, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

Security 5 Min Read

Building At-Scale User Behavior Analytics for Splunk UBA: Enhance Performance of Account & Device Exfiltration Models

Splunkers Ania Kacewicz, Cui Lin and Che-Lun Tsao discuss how the scalability performance of Account and Device Exfiltration models can be achieved in UBA V5.4.0.
Security 4 Min Read

Elevating Security Intelligence with Splunk UBA's Machine Learning Models

Splunk UBA uses machine learning to detect evolving threats beyond rule-based approaches in SOC operations, tackling overwhelming event volumes.
Security 6 Min Read

Building Large-Scale User Behavior Analytics: Data Validation and Model Monitoring

Splunk's Cui Lin explores fundamental techniques to validate data volume and monitor models to understand the size of your own UBA clusters.
Security 8 Min Read

Detecting Lateral Movement Using Splunk User Behavior Analytics

The blog is to introduce lateral movement detection using Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA)