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Blessing Onyegbula

Blessing Onyegbula is a freelance content writer. She writes on self-development, finance and marketing, and she is particularly interested in SaaS startups.

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Top Cybersecurity Certifications To Earn Today

Take the next step in your cybersecurity career! Check out these security certifications to earn today, from beginner to advanced, covering all aspects of cyber.
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The Chief Product Officer (CPO) Role: Responsibilities, Salary & Skills

Unlock business growth in the Chief Product Officer role. Learn everything you need to know about the role, skills and impact on revenue generation.
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What is Data Quality Management? DQM Explained

Explore the essentials of Data Quality Management, its impact on organizations, and best practices for effective implementation and challenges.
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Code Refactoring Explained

Uncover the essentials of code refactoring: learn its benefits, key techniques, and best practices to enhance your coding efficiency.
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Deployment Frequency (DF) Explained

Deploying changes to production is the only way end-users will see improved software. Learn about the deployment frequency (DF) metric from DORA here.
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Chief Digital Officer Role: Responsibilities, Skills and Salary Expectations

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the role and responsibilities of the Chief Digital Officer.
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What is Malware Detection?

Detecting malware isn't easy: there's so many types, so many places to look. Learn the best techniques to use today.
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What is Big Data Analytics?

Unlock insights from vast datasets with big data analytics. Explore real-life applications, tools, techniques, benefits, and challenges in this comprehensive guide.
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Cyber Insurance: What Is It?

Explore the role of cyber insurance in safeguarding businesses in the face of cyberattacks and why experts are recommending cyber insurance as a key fallback.
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Managed Detection & Response: MDR Explained

Learn how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services enhance cybersecurity, address challenges, and provide 24/7 security.
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Splunk Products Reviews & Ratings

Splunk delivers AI-powered solutions for digital resilience. Explore Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and Splunk Enterprise Security for advanced analytics and cybersecurity.
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IoCs: Indicators of Compromise Explained

Are Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) key to effective cyber defense? Learn about their types, significance, and limitations in optimizing your security approach.
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The ISO/IEC 27001 Standard for Information Security

Is there a standard for ensuring information security? There sure is, and it’s known as ISO/IEC 27001. Get the latest & greatest information here.
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What's GRC? Governance, Risk & Compliance Explained

GRC. The acronym for the 3 areas that businesses can not afford to ignore. Learn all about governance, risk, and compliance — plus how to get started.
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Top DevOps Certifications for 2024 & Beyond

Earning a DevOps certification is like unlocking the cheat code to becoming a tech wizard, but without having to collect 10,000 magic mushrooms first.