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Elias Haddad
Elias Haddad

Elias is an Emerging Market Presales Architect working out of the Dubai office. Prior to that, he was a Product Manager responsible for Splunk data ingestion and held various pre-sales, post-sales and business development positions. Elias lives in Dubai and graduated from Purdue University with a master’s degree in computer engineering.

Platform 3 Min Read

Splunk Data Stream Processor & Splunk Phantom - The Need For Speed

Together, Splunk Data Stream Processor (DSP) and Splunk Phantom can give you speed and extensibility.
Security 2 Min Read

Splunk Your Phantom Events

Introducing the Splunk App for Phantom Reporting, available now in Splunkbase
Partners 1 Min Read

Ready, Set, Stream with the Kinesis Firehose and Splunk Integration

Stream data from various AWS services directly into Splunk reliably and at scale with the Kinesis Firehose integration with Splunk
Partners 2 Min Read

AWS + Splunk: Ingestion Just Got Easier and More Scalable

Introducing the newest release of the Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services and the newest release of the Splunk App for AWS
Tips & Tricks 2 Min Read

From API to easy street within minutes

The hard API processes – scripted inputs, setup.xml, password encryption, writing Python, setting up proxies and more – are finally easier. See our examples.
Platform 1 Min Read

Announcing Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services

Announcing the release of a Splunk add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services, which is available via Splunkbase and provides info from various Microsoft Cloud APIs.