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Annie Wilson
Annie Wilson

Annie Wilson works on the Global Event Marketing team at Splunk, focusing on the execution and strategy for our Global Events portfolio. Prior, Annie was a Splunk intern helping .conf2016 and has been hooked on Splunk ever since. Annie graduated cum laude from Cal Poly SLO in June of 2017 with a Bachelors in Finance and minor in Law.

Splunk Life 4 Min Read

Facing History with the Womxn’s Equality Walk

Explore the Womxn's Equality Walk virtual exhibit created by the Splunk Womxn+ employee resource group, inspired by the theme of the 2020 International Women's Day, #eachforequal, in celebration of Women's History Month.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

Meet Keith: The First .conf Attendee Two-Years Running

Here are a few insights from a two-time first .conf registrant Keith Keimig on some of his best memories from the conference, what he hopes to learn this year, and why he makes .conf a priority year after year.
Splunk Life 1 Min Read

Spotlighting the Womxn of Splunk During Women’s History Month

We're highlighting Splunkers from around the globe who have been nominated by their peers as womxn who are making strides to close the gender gap and champion diversity and inclusion within the Splunk community.
.conf & .conf Go 5 Min Read

Meet Derek and Paul: Our 10-Year .conf Veterans

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of .conf, we’re paying tribute to the Splunk devotees that have been with us since the beginning, Paul Johnson and Derek Mock.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

Meet Simeon Yep: The Splunker Who Has Spoken at all 10 .conf Events

Simeon Yep, Splunk’s Area Vice President of Sales Engineering, is a .conf speaking session champion and has spoken at all 10 .conf events! Hear from Simeon himself on what this was like and how .conf has evolved over the years.
.conf & .conf Go 4 Min Read

Meet Keith Keimig: The First Registrant for Splunk .conf19

Keith Keimig is our very first .conf19 registered attendee, and instead of hearing it from us, we’ll let him tell you why .conf19 is a valuable investment.