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Chrissy Kidd

Chrissy Kidd is a technology writer, editor, and speaker based in Baltimore. The managing editor for Splunk Learn, Chrissy translates technical concepts to a broad audience. She’s particularly interested in the ways technology intersects with our daily lives.

Learn 5 Min Read

Failure Metrics & KPIs for IT Systems

Failure metrics: a terrible name for a set of very useful metrics. If you're involved in uptime & reliability for IT systems, then read on to learn all about MTTR, MTBF, failure rates and more!
Learn 7 Min Read

Internet Trends in 2024: Mary Meeker, Stats, & Predictions

If no one documents trends, did they happen? Luckily, we don’t have to pretend! We’re covering Mary Meeker to find out what happened to her internet trends.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

.conf24 Global Broadcast: The Complete Guide

Curious about the .conf Global Broadcast from Splunk? Check out this article for all the details, answers, and excitement about what to expect.
Learn 7 Min Read

The Best Security Conferences & Events 2024

Ready for in-person security conferences and events? Check out this roundup of 2024 security conferences, covering cybersecurity, InfoSec, SecOps and more.
Learn 4 Min Read

What Is Splunk & What Does It Do? A Splunk Intro

Though Splunk’s been around for 20 years (!!), we get a lot of questions like “What do you do?” and "What does your name mean?" Find out about Splunk – straight from Splunk.
Learn 3 Min Read

Data & Database Normalization Explained: How To Normalize Data

Learn about the process of data normalization, including the different types of data normal forms, the benefits of normalized data for your business and more.
Learn 5 Min Read

Network Traffic & Network Congestion: The Complete Guide

Network traffic is critical for businesses today. Read on to learn how network traffic works, and how to stop traffic congestion.
Learn 2 Min Read

Splunk Podcasts

Wondering if Splunk has any podcasts? The answer is YES! In this article, you can see all the podcasts that Splunk has published over the years.
Learn 10 Min Read

What is Threat Modeling?

Get started with threat modeling today. We’ll define threat modeling, discuss how it works, and share simple and advanced threat modeling frameworks.
Learn 5 Min Read

Cybersecurity Trends: 8 Critical Trends to Watch

Calling all CISOs, security pros & anyone into security: Be prepared (and know how to prepare) for the biggest cyber threats and trends today.
Learn 4 Min Read

Ransomware & Extortionware in 2024: Stats & Trends

Ransomware is among the worst threats you face. Even worse? Ransomware keeps changing how it attacks. Get the latest ransomware trends & stats here.
Learn 6 Min Read

Tech Newsletters To Read in 2024

Not sure which tech newsletters you're missing? Get started with these must-reads, covering every angle of tech.
Learn 7 Min Read

SOAR: Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

SOAR revolutionizes how security operations teams manage, analyze and respond to alerts and threats. Learn what a modern SOAR solution is — and isn't.
Learn 8 Min Read

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: What's The Difference?

Data, data everywhere! 🤓 But where do you store it? Depends on the need! Data lakes are fun but have no boundaries, and data warehouses are ready for business.
Learn 4 Min Read

SOCs: Security Operation Centers Explained

SOC is a centralized location where security professionals build and maintain the security architecture that monitors, detects, analyzes and responds to cybersecurity incidents and threats, typically around the clock.
Learn 10 Min Read

What is Distributed Tracing?

A super helpful way to improve customer experience is to know what's going on across all apps, services, and requests. That's what distributed tracing does.
Learn 7 Min Read

What is a Data Platform?

Data platforms are the key to truly becoming a data-driven organization. Learn what you're missing without a modern data platform.
Learn 7 Min Read

Zero Trust & Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA)

Trust no one, authenticate everyone. That's what zero trust is all about. Get the full cyber story in this in-depth article.
Learn 7 Min Read

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

XDR for cybersecurity: secure those endpoints! Get the full story on what XDR can — and cannot — do in strengthening your security posture.
Learn 8 Min Read

Sustainable Technology in 2024

Sustainable technology doesn’t get enough attention. Find out what sustainable IT means and how companies and individuals can use tech more sustainably.
Learn 11 Min Read

SIEM: Security Information & Event Management Explained

SIEM is a cybersecurity game-changer, especially for large organizations. Learn key SIEM features and functions & how to choose the right SIEM tool.