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Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali

At Splunk, Khalid currently helps Public Sector Federal Civilian agencies with their cloud journeys. He has held multiple roles at Splunk in the past as an Advisory Architect, Customer Success Manager, and Industry Advisor for Telecom & Media and finds himself constantly thinking about innovative, data-driven solutions to help customers drive revenue, save costs, and improve customer experience. Khalid's foundational experience comes from nearly two decades serving in a number of Network and IT roles in the CTO organization for major U.S. telcos.

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Customer Experience (CX) for Public & Private Sectors

Understand why customer experience is the #1 goal for organizations today, including public sectors and the U.S. government.
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Multicloud Monitoring & 7 Must-Have Capabilities

Not all monitoring will cover all your workloads: multicloud monitoring has 7 core capabilitities. Without these, you're lacking the visibility you need.
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Introducing The Splunk App for Amazon Connect

The Splunk App for Amazon Connect uses a variety of data sources to help provide insight into the real-time performance of your contact center.