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 Paul Kurtz
Paul Kurtz

Paul has led organizations involved in the most pressing national security issues, ranging from counter-terrorism, weapons nonproliferation, critical infrastructure protection, and cybersecurity.

His management experience spans government, non-profits, to the private sector, ranging from Special Assistant to the President on the White House's National Security Council to managing partner for a consulting company's overseas operations to founding a venture-funded cybersecurity company.

Career highlights include experience on the ground as a weapons inspector in Iraq and North Korea, serving as Political Advisor in Northern Iraq, coordinating the immediate response to the attacks of September 11, planning a national cyber defense program, to turning an idea to automate cyber intelligence management into a successful company (TruSTAR) ultimately acquired by Splunk.

Security 1 Min Read

AI: Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Splunk is excited about AI, but we're keeping our boots on the ground as we partner with customers to leverage AI to improve efficiency while continuing the essentials via Splunk’s platform.
Security 2 Min Read

Making Sense of the New SEC Cybersecurity Rules and What They Could Mean for Your Company

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) July 26 approval of new cybersecurity 'incident' disclosure rules is top of mind for every public company, and understanding what it means and how companies will be held accountable is crucial.
Security 4 Min Read

The Lessons Learned in Cybersecurity 25 Years Ago Are Still Applicable to AI Today

Splunk's Paul Kurtz explores what we can learn from past events as AI accelerates the future.
Security 10 Min Read

Addressing CISOs AI Anxieties Through Resilience

Splunk's Paul Kurtz explores how CISOs’ jobs will become more complex as they address AI-driven attacks, automated vulnerability exploitation, battle data poisoning, or deep fakes that make current phishing tactics look quaint.
Industries 3 Min Read

Splunk Welcomes the Formation of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Splunk welcomes the roll out of the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) as a significant step forward in leveraging collaborative data and defense to battle cyber attacks from criminal organizations and nation states.
Security 3 Min Read

Presidential Executive Order: “Collect and Preserve” Incident Data. Is this the Catalyst for Cybersecurity’s Black Box?

President Biden’s Executive Order (EO) on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity defines a solid path forward for the Federal government and its suppliers to address systemic problems in defending cyberspace.