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Clara Merriman

Clara Merriman is a Senior Splunk Engineer on the Splunk@Splunk team. She began using Splunk back in 2013 for SONIFI Solutions, Inc. as a Business Intelligence Engineer. Her passion really showed for utilizing Splunk to answer questions for more than just IT and Security. She joined Splunk in 2018 to spread her knowledge and her ideas from the source! She's also a huge advocate for the Splunk community and has been part of the SplunkTrust since 2018.

Tips & Tricks 9 Min Read

Splunk > Clara-fication: Dashboarding Best Practices

So you want to build a better dashboard, do you? Well good, you’ve come to the right place! Learn the do's and don'ts of optimizing dashboard naming standards, layouts and more.
Tips & Tricks 7 Min Read

Splunk > Clara-fication: Job Inspector

Get some clara-ty on the Job Inspector! Learn about some of the components you may be unsure of and dive into its impact on customers.

Splunk > Clara-fication: Splunk Community

The SplunkTrust are thought-leaders within the Splunk community, and they strive to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Clara, a key community member, outlines some of her favorite extra curricular Splunk-tivities.

Splunk > Clara-fication: Customizing SimpleXML Dashboards With Inline CSS

Using inline CSS and HTML in order to customize SimpleXML dashboards

Splunk > Clara-fication: Search Best Practices

Splunk search best practices from Splunker Clara Merriman. This is an installment of the Splunk > Clara-fication blog series.

Splunk > Clara-fication: transpose, xyseries, untable, and More

Get a deeper understanding into the transpose, xyseries, untable, and eval commands