Clara Merriman

Clara Merriman is a Senior Splunk Engineer on the Splunk@Splunk team. She began using Splunk back in 2013 for SONIFI Solutions, Inc. as a Business Intelligence Engineer. Her passion really showed for utilizing Splunk to answer questions for more than just IT and Security. She joined Splunk in 2018 to spread her knowledge and her ideas from the source! She's also a huge advocate for the Splunk community and has been part of the SplunkTrust in 2018 and 2019 (honorary) - fingers crossed for 2020! Check me out on Slack or Splunk Answers - I'm GIRL!

Official Title:

Senior Splunk Engineer

What you Really Do:

I create best practices and train Splunk champions


Splunk (of course), my dog Sadie, archery, golf, satire and sarcasm ;)

Favorite Quote:

"I'm not a 'Woman Engineer'...I'm an Engineer"

— Silicon Valley

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