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Haylee Mills

Haylee Mills is a Security Strategist at Splunk, armed with the experience as a content detection engineer for a large financial technology company who transformed their security operations with risk-based alerting. Outside of work, Haylee teaches classes and mentors people looking to get into cybersecurity with a focus on BIPOC, women, and queer folks. She works as the Director of Development for local tech education organization Cybersecurity Council of Arizona, staff for the local cybersecurity conference CactusCon, and is part of the Tempe Arts & Culture Commission to advise the City Council on art development and preservation. She is passionate about connecting with her local community and runs her home as an LGBTQ safe space and transitional housing cooperative.

Security 4 Min Read

Your Roadmap to Success with Risk-Based Alerting

Splunker Haylee Mills dives deeper into the four levels of the Splunk Risk-Based Alerting journey.
Security 4 Min Read

Planning for Success with Risk-Based Alerting

In our last RBA blog post, we talked about some of the problems RBA can help solve. In this post, we explain the methodology we use with Splunk customers as their security teams start working with RBA.
Security 3 Min Read

Level Up Your Cybersecurity with Risk-Based Alerting

In our first blog in the Splunk RBA series, we introduced Risk-Based Alerting (RBA) and covered the basic principles of RBA. In the rest of this series, we explain how you can plan and then implement RBA within your organization.
Security 7 Min Read

Risk-Based Alerting: The New Frontier for SIEM

Risk-Based Alerting (RBA) is an intelligent alerting method with SIEM for security operations to operationalize cyber security frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, Lockheed Martin's Killchain, or CIS20.